About Optamatic

As an experienced photographer I take pictures for more than 40 years. As a twelve years old boy I started with the Box camera from my parents; on 9×12 cm color negatives. Every year with spring we went to the local photographer who installed a 6 shots analogue film in the box camera. One picture in spring in the flowering heather, two pictures in summertime at the beach, two pictures around the house with my brother and one spare for falling leaves in autumn.
I’m still using film as the utmost expression of catching the light. But also a high end full frame digital camera.
For micro prices you can download a wide variety of my photographs. For example print the pictures from the original files, make a poster and hang it on your wall at home or in the office. Use the photographs for your newspaper, magazine, brochure, annual reports or what else.
On the site you can find different projects.
Do you need customized pictures of your business, family, paper or magazine… Don’t hesitate to contact me

Roelof Foppen photographer as Optamatic